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Our Firm Foundation

This read came from "Newsletter, Newletter" (Sept. 2018)

During his childhood on the Atlantic Coast, Gregory Elder devoted much time to creating eleborate sandcastles.  "Whole cities would appear beneath my hands," he writes.  One year, when bullies repeatedly crushed his handiwork, Elder finally placed large rocks and concrete chunks at the base of his kingdoms.  The returning bare-footed thugs soon learned a lesson.
   Many people consider today's church under attack from secularism, heresies and sin, Elder writes.  "They forget that the church is built upon a Rock (Matthew 16:18), over which the gates of hell itself shall not prevail."

With Benefits!

Do you use those deals that come with benefits?  Often travel packages bring benefits like--"stay 4 nights and get 2 FREE meals"!  Or the credit card company encourages you to charge $500.00 now and get 6 months of no interest charges.  Wow, we like those benefits!
   When was the last time you considered the benefits package you have received from the Lord?  Psalm 103:2 reads:
"Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits."  Benefits come from the Lord Jesus every day, and we do not deserve all his graciousness.  His benefits are too numerous to count!  Certainly no earthly package can bring us unshakable peace, holy guidance, and every little or big blessing.
   As humans we have the tendancy to get trapped into our gripes!  We focus on the high costs of food, delays in the traffic, or noise from our neighbors.  We might waste hours thinking about our frustrations.  Maybe we could try to let gratitude over-flow from our humble hearts and count those benefits from the Lord.
  When you start counting the benefits, share them with others.   Get others on the "new track" of praising, rather than on the path of gripes.  
   Prayer:  Change my heart, O Lord.

Is it good? Who decides that?

What is "good" for you?   Chocolate is good, friends are good, football is good, and a party is good!  Perhaps that is not your list of "good" things.  Maybe you were thinking that a nap is something good!   With our various tastes and personalities, we each would have a different list.   Would our list be different if we had to write down what is good and evil, what is right and wrong when it comes to morals and values?   This could lead into an argument!   Is it really our decision to decide what is good and evil?  It is not up to us to decide!   It doesn't matter what we like or don't like.  All that matters is what God says is good.  God had told us in the Bible what is good and what is evil.  The Bible points out what is right, and what is wrong.   God says it is "good" to forgive!   God says it is "good" to be generous.  We do not have to make our own version of "good values", it is already provided for us by the Creator God.  For God created good in the very beginning.
  Prayer:  Dear good and amazing God!  Guide me today and each day to follow your guidance in my moral choices and actions.  Help me to recognize what is good or evil, and what is "right to do" in your eyes.  Thank you for this help.   Amen.

Don't Be A Stranger

Don't Be A Stranger to God!
  God does not want us ever to shrug him to the side.  Our God wishes for us to move on from the "land of content" to the  obedient "kingdom worker".  The "kingdom worker" recognizes faith and obedience belong together.  That a close relationship with God helps us keep believing, and our faith response is being obedient, and serving others for Christ sake.  Imagine a coin with faith on one side, and obedience on the other side.   This is a whole coin!  Now split the coin edgewise, and you have now destroyed both sides and render the whole thing valueless.   The coin is not intended to be split.  
  Child of God, do you have a holy longing?   Are you really feeling "content" is just not doing it?  Talk to God, He hears your longings and requests.  Plus, the other good news is that God is consistent with Himself.  God will always be Himself with YOU.   When you return to Him,daily, you are investing wisely!  Others don't know all of your potential, but God has it perfectly placed it in you.
  Don't be a stranger to God, seek, seek and seek.  

God's Character and Limits

We all know that many "things" have limits!   There is a limit to how long our computer will last or until our vehicle quits.  There is a limit to how tall we will grow, and even a limit to how much our stomach can hold.   There are limits to our budgets, yes?   Of course, we cannot forget the importance of speed limits!   When we think about God, do we find ourselves thinking limits are in his characteristics?
If we believe there are limits, we are trying to fashion God into being something less, and we are falling short in believing who are true God really is!  
God is not only powerful, He is all-powerful.  He is not only holy, He is infintely holy.  He is not only merciful, He is infinitely merciful.  He not only KNOWS, He knows all things.   God is indeed infinite in all of His perfections.  The Scriptures reveal all of the points we need to NOTICE about our omnipresent, loving God.
Finally, we might find out people think of God as some kind of "ordinary God"?    Their belief in something ordinary doesn't create much reponse in them.   Friends, family and neighbors need us to intervene (maybe?) to bring more knowledge of our divine, holy Father who brings grace, peace and reigns forever!  He is far from ordinary!!!  We certainly can't count the hairs on our head, and yet He knows.   Ponder all of this today.  Use the prayer here we have for you.
Prayer to use today:  
   Heavenly Father, today I recognize you are ALL, you know ALL, you put together ALL plans.  Show me how to better love you as not something ordinary, but to love you for being the Almighty One, the creator of heaven and earth!   Praise and glory to you for the
extravagent and endless gifts you bestow upon us. Amen

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We give thanks unto You, O God, because we can approach Your throne, at any time, with freedom and confidence! Father, we thank you that we are Your workmanship and our identity is found in You. We are grateful that we were chosen before the foundation of the world, that you adopted us, that you love us, and that we belong to You. When we are tempted to worry about what others think or we are afraid of how others see us, God remind us that You have not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. We are no longer condemned; we are forgiven. We are delivered. We are healed. We are set free. We are overcomers by the Blood of the Lamb! We are Your sons and Your daughters. Hallelujah! We are victorious. In Jesus' name, Amen.   (By T.Morrison)