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As we approach the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation we are offering a special sermon series titled "SPIRIT OF THE REFORMATION" 
Below is the sermon series schedule.  (Note: The October 15 date is not included, for that Sunday we have a "Youth Service", worship led by teens)
 September 24 -   Road to God
 October 1       -    Lessons from a Civil War Hymn
 October 8       -    Check the Owners Manual
 October 22     -    The Church is Supposed to....
 October 29     -    Public Worship, Why?


1517 - 2017 Reformation 500th Anniversary

  On October 31, 1517, professor and priest Martin Luther presented his superiors with 95 theses calling for change in the Catholic church.  The posting of the 95 theses on a door started the revolution five centuries ago, among which many Reformers helped shape the way Christians read the Bible.  Luther also left an enduring imprint on Christian use of the Bible, as he was able to translate the Bible into German. (1522- The German New Testament was published.) Luther's translation found eager readers.   In his German order of worship, Luther stated that the "preaching and teaching of God's Word is the most important part of the divine worship service."   Again, Luther stated, "we are all theologians--every Christian!  Theology means God's word, 'theologian' means one who speaks God's words.  Each and every Christian should be such a person."
  Philipp Melanchthon was also a German Lutheran reformer, and collaborator with Martin Luther as they were both colleagues at Wittenburg University.  In Melanchthon's lectures he argued that sin is more than an external act; it reaches also into human will and emotions.  His lectures and text books had great influences on future teachers, as Melanchthon was the prime mover in building the German school system.   (more reformation stories to come soon..)   

Food Ministry here and there!

 Did you know?  Since 2009 a Methodist Church in Georgia has shipped nearly 17 tons
of Oreo cookies to the U.S. Military stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.  This cookie
generosity project is now titled "Operation Oreo".   It Is good to brighten another person's day!



Our Reformation Door!


Our teen group created this "Reformation Door" displaying the "95 Theses" which
were posted by Martin Luther.   This door will be on display in our worship area,
for the entire month of October.  We welcome you to worship with us and take
a closer look at the "95 Theses".  



CHOMP Ministry - Held one Saturday a month!

Mulberry Street congregation has begun a new ministry titled CHOMP!  One Saturday a month we have a produce market for those in REAL need of extra food in their home.  We have over 25 church volunteers serving the community in this way


If you are interested in making a financial contribution to the relief efforts being offered by the United Methodist Church, you can donate by writing a check to your local United Methodist Church, designating the fund below to which you wish to make your donation: * Fund EOC 1310 "UMCOR Hurricane Recovery 2017"
Our prayers go out to all who have suffered and served.  

Follow this web site to get items needed to complete a Flood Bucket Kit.
www.midwestmissiondc.org      At the site, scroll down to view this information.

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We give thanks unto You, O God, because we can approach Your throne, at any time, with freedom and confidence! Father, we thank you that we are Your workmanship and our identity is found in You. We are grateful that we were chosen before the foundation of the world, that you adopted us, that you love us, and that we belong to You. When we are tempted to worry about what others think or we are afraid of how others see us, God remind us that You have not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. We are no longer condemned; we are forgiven. We are delivered. We are healed. We are set free. We are overcomers by the Blood of the Lamb! We are Your sons and Your daughters. Hallelujah! We are victorious. In Jesus' name, Amen.   (By T.Morrison)